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Coastal Karnataka is well-known for its temples. Thousands of devotees throng this region every year to have the darshan of their favourite Gods and to cleanse themselves. Some of the most popular temples are:


The 320 kilometer coastline of Karnataka is mushroomed with beautiful palm-fringed beaches. The picturesque beauty and charm of Karnataka beaches make them must-visit destinations of the state.


Karnataka, a state that comes in south India is bordered by Arabian Sea. Coastal Karrnataka is spread on the shores of Arabian Sea consisting mesmerizing landscape.

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Karwar Beach

It is one of the most famous Karnataka beaches. Its major attractions are the Sadashivgad Hill Fort with a Durga Temple, the octagonal church, the 300-years-old Venkatrama Temple with ochre paintings and the Naganatha Temple with a sacred ant hill. The best time to visit it is September to mid-May.

Malpe Beach

Malpe beach is one of the popular picnic spot beaches of Karnataka. St Mary's Island, just a boat ride away, is a delightful holiday destination. The natural harbor of Malpe, an important fishing center, is located at the mouth of the Malpe river, about 6 kilometers from Udupi.

Marwanthe Beach

This is one of the foremost Karnataka beaches which offers a fabulous view with the West Coast Highway cruising along the Arabian Sea on one side and River Sauparnika rushing against a mountainous backdrop on the other. Marwanthe is a seaside town of Karnataka and its beach is ideal for water sports and holidaying.

Bhatkal Beach

Bhatkal Beach is located 16 kilometers away from Bhatkal. Bounded by the sea and the hills, this place is known for the gorgeous temple perched on a hillock near the shore. The best time to visit it is August to March.

Murudeshwar Beach

Karnataka is one of the finest beaches in South India that offers you an exhilarating experience of the sea beaches. The Murudeshwar Beach at Karnataka is an alien land that offers relief from the busy city life.

St. Mary's Island

It is a set of small islands in the Arabian Sea off the coast of Malpe in the Udippi district of the state of Karnataka. It is believed that Vasco Da Gama landed on one of these islands in 1498.

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Beaches Of Coastal

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Art and Culture

Coastal Karnataka is a region blessed with culture, tradition and historical heritage.

Complete with beautiful temples, sunny beaches and mouth-watering delicacies, the coastal region of Karnataka is a traveller's delight.

Bewitching everyone who visits it with its beauty and charm, coastal Karnataka is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country.

Come and be a part of this exhilarating experience..Come to Coastal Karnataka. . .


Udupi is known for the Krishna Mutt and also native place of the Vaishnavite saint Shri Madhvacharya who founded the Krishna Mutt in the 13th century. According to mythology, there was a storm in the sea at Malpe. Shri Madhvacharya was on the shore at the time and saw a ship which was in trouble. He helped the ship reach the shore to safety. The sailors were very thankful to him and gave him deities of Lord Krishna and Lord Balarama. He did the 'pratishte' of the deity of Lord Balarama near Malpe. This temple is known as Vadabhandeshwara. He brought the immortal of Lord Krishna and did the pratishte at Udupi. This temple is known as Krishna Mutt.

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Uttara Kannada

The cultural pattern of uttara kannada's people has been influenced both by Maharashtra and Karnataka.The Uttara Kannada district is popular for Yakshagana. It is believed to have evolved from pre classical music form and theatrical arts. Yakshagana is popular in the districts like Uttara Kannada, Shivamogga, Udupi, Dakshina Kannada and Kasaragod district of Kerala.

Dakshina Kannada

Dakshina Kannada is a land of culture, tradition and rituals. The district has many temples of Hindu gods and goddess,which are ancient and have deep spiritualism attached to them. The people of Dakshina Kannada worship the serpent god (Subramanya). It is said that the district was reclaimed by Parashurama from the sea. Hence worship of serpent is done to original inhabitats.

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